How to Properly Wash Your Bathroom Rugs and Mats


April 13, 2020

The last time your stepped out of your shower on your bathroom rug, you might have never noticed how many times you have put your wet feet on the rugs and how long it has been since you cleaned it. For house cleaning, It’s not that you might have never thought to clean your bathroom rugs but really didn’t thought about it. For house cleaning you need to clean your bathroom rugs on the regular basis. That’s why House Cleaning Palm Beach Gardens has got few tips for you.

How to Properly Clean your Bathroom Rugs and Mats?

  • For house cleaning, the first thing you need to consider is to check the care label on your bath rugs. Almost all of the mats can be washed in the machine but make sure that there are no special care instructions that need to be followed.
  • Before washing the rugs shake them to remove mud and debris.
  • Next you have to toss it into your washing machine. You can wash your rugs multiple times without any issues. If you have got two or three mats then drop one towel in order to create some friction. If you have one rug then you must drop two towels with it. This helps to keep balance and it will also reduce the chances of rugs to get damaged in the washing machine.
  • Unlike washing your curtains in the washing machine, you don’t have to use any acidic when you are washing your bathroom rugs because it can damage the rubber of your rugs.
  • Moreover, during house cleaning you need to use cold water when you wash your rugs. If you wash it with hot water the glue inside the mats will melt and it will damage your rugs.
  • Lastly, you will air dry your bathroom rugs instead of putting them through heat that will cause damage to the rugs by melting the glue or might even break the rubber of your rugs.

How often should you clean your bathroom Rugs?

  • If your bathroom mat has got rubber at the back then you need to stretch it after every two weeks. Make sure that your use cold water during the house cleaning process and air dry your rugs.
  • When house cleaning, If one of your bath mat is in the washroom then you are going to wash it frequently. If you take shower more than once then it’s going to get wet more often. So, when the rugs will stay wet for a longer period of time there are high chances that a mold or mildew will grow easily.
  • Maintaining your bathroom rugs is not a hard task it’s just everyone does not care about it at all. But it should be cleaned on regular basis or twice a week in order to improve the health of your bathroom and maintain cleanliness.

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