The Dangers of Ignoring Water Damage Restoration Services


December 27, 2022

Florida’s hurricane season remains a stressful time for any homeowner. Major storms like Hurricane Ian threaten the state of Florida each year with strong winds, heavy rainfall, and flooding that lead to severe issues for homeowners. Just this year, Ian devastated the Gulf Coast with hurricane-force winds of 155 miles per hour–and up to 15 inches of rain in some parts of The Sunshine State. Water damage restoration can help you in the long run.

If your home suffered due to Hurricane Ian, you shouldn’t ignore it. Even minor moisture contamination can lead to significant underlying issues. Here’s what you should watch out for:

Mold and Bacteria Growth

If you notice wet ceilings in your home, it can be a serious problem. While some problems can be handled on your own, you may need to contact someone who specializes in water damage repair in West Palm Beach if the damage is serious. Even if your home isn’t damaged yet, it’s good to prepare a list of people or businesses you know you can contact if you’re facing water damage in your home.

Wet ceilings can be a breeding ground for mold, and in some ways, having a wet ceiling is more beneficial than one that stays dry all season. After all, a wet ceiling is a warning sign urging you to investigate the problem before it grows out of hand. Mold can be dangerous, but unfortunately it often goes undetected. As time progresses, black mold may grow throughout a consistently wet ceiling, spreading throughout the house’s structure.

This situation only becomes worse when mold leads to serious health problems for you and your loved ones. Moreover, high and consistent moisture levels cause bacterial growth that releases harmful particulates.

Standing water—no matter how seemingly insignificant—can lead to unsanitary bacteria growth and spores. These harmful invaders trigger numerous acute health conditions, asthma, and other allergic reactions.

Electrical Problems and Fire

If your home suffered water seepage or flooding, this could impact your electrical circuits. Most modern homes also have electrical wiring that travels through the ceiling. When water remains present anywhere in a home, you don’t just need water damage restoration in Palm Springs; the water could come into contact with electricity and start a fire.

Water and electricity don’t mix. Short-circuiting is a common after-effect of major storms like Hurricane Ian. In other words, even after a flood ends, you remain at serious risk for electric shock and fire. Seek a professional for water damage repair in West Palm Beach. Don’t take chances concerning electricity and potential fire hazards; always play it safe and call in the professionals for help.

Damaged Appliances and Fixtures

Heavy rain and water flow can get under and around large and small appliances once they enter the home. Water contamination in a home may lead to further contamination and damage you don’t even realize exists. After a flood, anything electrical in the home immediately becomes a hazard.

Foundational Damage

Water contamination remains the most notable enemy of any home’s structure. Moisture may seep into the home due to flooding or down from a wet ceiling and into the property’s structure. Water contamination weakens the foundation, resulting in a home’s value depreciation and serious structural damage to the property.

Keep Your Home Intact With Water Damage Restoration

Maintaining and repairing a home can be costly. For this reason, many Florida homeowners neglect these responsibilities until absolutely necessary. While some repairs and maintenance concerns can wait, you cannot overlook water damage and contamination when a storm like Hurricane Ian wreaks havoc on your home.

Ignoring water damage in your home can lead to health problems and significant catastrophes for you and your loved ones, including your spouse, children, and pets. When disaster strikes, damages won’t only cost you for the repairs but could evolve into serious safety hazards.

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